Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MJ single again

Michael Jordan, who has an estimated net worth of about $400 million, and his wife Juanita of 17 years, announced their divorce in a statement issued by their lawyers on Friday. You may recall that Juanita withdrew a divorce petition in 2002 and the couple said at the time they would attempt to mend their marriage. I guess it didn't work.

With MJ being yesterday's news on the court, Juanita no longer has to put up with his gambling and adultery.
But as for MJ, holy shit dude, give Juanita a call, maybe you can save $200,000,000. Forget the fact that you will be banging the same old box over and over for the rest of your life and you may not be on the best terms, but you saw how well you did trying to scoop chicks with Jeter last week. We are talking about Derek freaking Jeter ! He owns NYC. So if you can't get ass with him, your only option is to stay with your wife, and save the cash by using it instead to make a paper mache doll slut out of $1,000,000 bills. Sure banging the doll may hurt for a while and she may not be very lively in the sack, but I bet she will do anal.

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