Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Denver is turning ghetto

Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed early Monday when his white stretch Hummer was sprayed by bullets after a nightclub dispute following a New Year's Eve party. The limousine was fired on from a vehicle that pulled up along its side, hitting three people, a police spokesman said. As many as a dozen bullet holes were visible on the driver's side of the vehicle. One window was blown out.

Is it a coincidence that a Denver player got shot mere weeks after Allen Iverson came rolling into town? A.I.’s rap album sets out the scenario perfectly: “Gats in each hand, twin 45's in mines; Snipers hittin niggaz long distance for a rate; Sons and daughters, one order you'll be floatin in water.” This is what happens when you introduce ghetto culture to a relatively quiet and sleepy community.

During my ski trip to Aspen next week, I fully expect to see the Bronco’s white-collared place kicker Jason Elam pimped out in a Bentley full of hoes, ripped on Hennessy with his car bouncing at the red light. But you can be damn sure I will have my vest on ready to get my glock out to rip off a few rounds. As they say, when in the Ghetto, do as the gangsta's do. Or something like dat. Yo.

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