Friday, December 29, 2006

Jordan Rejected

Famous gossip column, Page 6, reported that Michael Jordan hit town last week with friends Derek Jeter and Patrick Ewing. When the players headed out, it was reported that Jordan tried to convince a few women to join them at Pink Elephant, where he was meeting Jeter. One source said, "Jordan was really trying to get this girl to leave with him, and the girl responded, 'Aren't you married?'

Wow, MJ goes from king of the sports world to getting rejected in bars all in the span of a few years. It has to be embarrasing to know that you can get outplayed by fat, balding and unfunny Chris Berman. I hear that if you are willing to pay his royalty fees, Berman will let you use his 'You're with me leather' line to scoop sluts. When you hang with Ewing and are used to paying for the skanks at strip clubs, trying to get one for free is like T.J. trying to be gansta. It just ain't happening.

This does settle one debate though. Wilt Chamberlain is the best NBA playa ever. Case closed!

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