Thursday, January 25, 2007

No one likes Bettman

Edmonton Oilers governor Cal Nichols hammered NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, after the board of governors turned down a proposal to change the unbalanced schedule for the second time in two months that would have allowed more inter-conference play. "Politics always seems to enter into it," said Nichols. "We should be more concerned about the future of the game than specific interests or, 'This is going to cost me a few more thousand dollars to travel a few extra miles.' This shouldn't be about that. It should be about the game." Nichols said this is where Bettman has to take charge.

With Bettman ruining the NHL for over a decade now, can we really be surprised with any other failure by this douchebag? When you hire a Jewish-American to run a league that he probably never heard of until his interview, that ain't kosher. This would be like your wife hiring some strippers for your birthday and then being shocked when you come home drunk, broke and fully satisfied.


Pamer said...

it's amazing that he still has a job. With all the qualified guys with hockey backgrounds, there must be a better candidate.

Screaming Viking said...

I think Corky from Life Goes On is a better candidate.