Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Notre Dame point guard Kyle McAlarney was suspended from school for his arrest last month on a marijuana possession charge, his mother said Tuesday. Janice McAlarney said her son was told Monday that he could not continue to attend classes this semester. "All I know is my son was suspended yesterday from school and he's headed home," she said from her home in Staten Island, N.Y. "I don't know anything else beyond that. All I know is I'm ashamed of how they did this. ... I'm ashamed of the university. My son is a great kid. He did not deserve this. The punishment did not fit the crime."

Hey Mrs. McAlarney, try being ashamed of your son for breaking the law and doing drugs? Perhaps, try being ashamed of the fact that your kid just blew a free ride at one of the biggest universities in the US? But honestly, as only a fraction of kids make the NBA and Kyle was a sociology and computer applications major, he will probably end up getting the same dead-end job with or without that useless degree.

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