Sunday, January 21, 2007

You're Benched!

As I get ready for this weekends conference finals, I can't help but recall last Sunday morning I sat back with great anticipation for the Chargers-Patriots game. I was certain that the Chargers would easily move past the Patriots and we could all stop hearing about what a stud Tom Brady is and that Bill Bellichek is the greatest coach of all time. Maybe, just maybe, Marty Schottenheimer could redeem himself from his 5-12 playoff record and 5 consecutive playoff losses. By the end of the game I realized why 99% of San Diegoans want to put Marty in cement shoes and toss him in the Pacific.

Going for it on 4th and 11 early? It's the start of a huge game, the best way to put some of the jitters away is by getting an early score. I guess this was a huge middle finger for all those who call Marty too conservative.

Marlon Mcree's fumbled INT was bad enough, but then for Marty to have the daftness to challenge the call? Even Stevie Wonder could see that it clearly was a fumble, and why the hell would you want a timeout later in the fourth quarter anyway? The Chargers called a timeout immediatly after the Patriots had an injury timeout. Hey Marty, great call dude. That makes two wasted timeouts in the second half. How valuable would those have been on that last drive?

That last drive of the game was equally brutal. There was a reason the Patriots left the middle of the field wide you would have your QB throw it there! Duh! I guess Marty has never watched a good team run plays down the sidelines in their 2 minute drill before.

I'm telling you, if I were a Chargers fan I'd be seeing what I could do to contact Ted Kaczynski to mail Marty a package of anthrax...special delivery. Throw in the fact that the Chargers didn't even make the playoffs last season, they blew it against the Jets in 2004, and his team allowed Jabar Gaffney (who was freakin cut by the Texans) to have a huge game...I feel comfortable in telling Marty:

You're Benched!

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