Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Grandpa in the fast lane

72-year-old James Hylton is attempting a comeback by bringing a car to preseason testing Monday as he chases his long-shot dream of qualifying for next month's Daytona 500. Hylton made the first of his 15 Daytona 500 starts in 1966. This isn't to be confused with another Hilton who is always cumming on her back.

"I am doing this for seniors to show that at 70 years old, you don't have to go hunting for an old-folks home. You can go race for a little bit," Hylton said. "A lot of the old drivers want to come out here and hang out in the pits and see if I can do it."

In reality, Hylton is doing this to get more poon at the retirement centre. But if he does qualify for the race, he will be easy to spot on the track as he will be driving the car sponsored by Depends and his left blinker will always be flashing.

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