Sunday, January 28, 2007

Super Bowel!

Every year the Super Bowl rolls around I start getting sick to my stomach. For some reason this game has become the benchmark of the overhyped, I've already heard that a million times stories and side-stories. It can be anything from "Will Steve Young ever win the Super Bowl and emerge from Joe Montana's shadow?" to "John Elway is a good guy, he deserves to win at least one Super Bowl." Also, who can forget the countless stories about how Kurt Warner had come from bagging groceries in Hicktown, USA to emerge as a Super Bowl champion. How can I love the NFL all season, and then the week of its biggest game turn into a "hater?"

I swear if I have to hear one more time that Lovey Smith and Tony Dungy are the first two black coaches in the Super Bowl, I will change my channel to Women's Entertainment and watch their Bridezilla marathon. We all know they are the first two black head coaches in the Super many times does the media have to pound these stories into our heads? They are both good coaches, but does it really matter that they are black? I even have a black co-worker who said she is getting sick of hearing it, and we still have a week to go folks!

I also have a major problem with the halftime shows. Who the hell decides who plays at halftime? Prince? Please tell me this is a sick joke! The past few years have also included such acts as the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney(weren't these guys popular in 40's?) and Justin Timberlake. If we have to take an hour for a halftime show, at least give us a football game featuring midgets versus hungry tigers with Avril Lavigne singing in a bikini. Just no more shots of Mick Jagger in a mid-drift shirt, please!

Finally, you have to hate the fact that people who haven't watched one NFL game all season become an expert on Super Bowl Sunday. The only possible week of the year that I could come toe-to-toe with a soccer mom in an arguement that Bill Belichek is NOT the greatest coach of all time. Just because you put out cute little Super Bowl party favors and made a kick-ass spinach dip does not make you a football expert. I can't wait for next Sunday...not because of the game, but because it will all be over!


Pamer said...

Wow...I have the exact same sentiments concerning the Super Bore. I am a NFL fiend all year...i swear i never miss a Sunday's worth of games, no matter who is playing. But now...meh.

What is also weird is that this is exactly opposite to how I feel during Baseball and Hockey playoffs. I hardly watch a game during the reg season, but once playoffs come I am all over it.

I think its because the Ball and Hockey seasons are so long with sooo many games while NFL is do or die every week

Screaming Viking said...

the NFL is their own worst enemy. The extra week just asks for this shit though.