Monday, January 22, 2007

Manning beats Brady

Staging the largest comeback in NFL conference title game history, Peyton Manning rallied the Colts to an improbable 38-34 victory over their arch rival New England Patriots. To end the game, pretty-boy Tom Brady threw an interception to dash any hopes of the Pats making their 4th Superbowl appearance in 6 years.

Seeing golden boy Brady fail in his 2 minute drill means that sports fans prayers are starting to be answered. If only our other 2 wishes would come true - Dwayne Wade's ebony handsomeness gets hit by a bus full of Cubans and Derek Jeter's ho-train is derailed.


Pamer said...

Thank God there is no Brady in the Super Bowl. I am pretty well sick to my stomach at all the Brady is God comparisons...ugh

Screaming Viking said...
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Screaming Viking said...

Pamer, welcome back! we missed you.
And can Brady be Jesus and let us crusify him?