Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cops-9 Bengals-0

Maybe there is a reason prison jump suits are orange...so that the Bengals players can be easily identified! Bengals top draft pick Johnathan Joseph was arrested early Monday morning by a Boone County (KY) sherrif's deputy. Reports are that Joseph was a passenger in the car driven by an unidentified women who had a suspended license. The deputy asked to search Joseph's backpack and he broke down and told the deputy there was a bag of marijuana in a pouch next to a video game (Grand Theft Auto possibly?).

It appears that the players are really buying into Coach Marvin Lewis' new "get-tough" policy. Joseph is only the 9th Bengal player in the last nine months to be arrested. The next logical step is to bring in the Vick brothers to QB the club. That is unless Carson Palmer holds up a liquor store in the next week.

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