Monday, January 15, 2007

Senators go "overboard" with arena video

In a class move, the Ottawa Senators aired a video on their big screen Saturday showing their Hockey Night in Barbados promotional video that has their mascot Spartacat inciting a Montreal Canadiens fan to jump off a boat into the ocean. This is just weeks after Montreal general manager Bob Gainey's 25 year-old daughter Laura was swept off the deck of a tall ship and into the Atlantic Ocean. Her body hasn't been recovered.

If the Canadiens are looking to get even they should circle January 29th on the calendar, ‘cause that’s when the Senators are coming to town. And that’s just enough time to produce their own promotional video. Iconic Montreal mascot Youppi would be shown taking Senators forward Dany Heatley out for a night of boozing. After finishing up at the strippers a severely intoxicated Youppi would get behind the wheel and drive into a brick wall—ejecting Heatley from the vehicle and to certain death.

If Heater doesn’t break down and cry right there on the ice, then they should show the second part of the video, where Youppi is seen walking on crutches and grieving with Heatley’s family. And if Dany’s still able to play in the game after that, then Youppi should just run him down with the Zamboni, cause the guy doesn’t deserve to live.

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