Monday, January 22, 2007

Messier loves double duty

When the Edmonton Oilers retire Mark Messier's #11 next month at Rexall Place, they are planning for two days of festivities to honour their favourite son. The (pre-game) ceremonies can get long and arduous as they were with Stevie Yzerman" Oiler president Patrick LaForge told reporters. In Detroit, Yzerman's No. 19 jersey was retired Jan. 2 in a 90-minute ceremony prior to to a Red Wing's game and fans has no chance to really participate in the festivities.

If Edmonton truly wanted to honour Messier, they should just have 2 days of all you can drink and bang. Heck, when Madonna claims that even he was too wild for her, expect your town to be ripped up! Last year's Stanley Cup run, highlighted by the city running out of booze and chalk full of sluts gone wild is going to seem like an episode of Barney compared to this.

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