Monday, January 08, 2007

Uh-oh Romo

Dallas Cowboy's quarter back Tony Romo fumbled the snap on the would be winning field goal in Saturday's NFC wild-card game. The Cowboys lost to the Seattle Seahawks 21-20 as a result of Romo's blunder. This disaster takes Romo from the saviour of the team to needing to be crusified. Now that I think of it, this sounds exactly like the story about Jesus. No, not that Jesus; Jesus Sanchez, the Mexican who works at the Taco Express by my house. That bastard is always dropping my burritos. Plus I hear he also did Carrie Underwood.


Pamer said...

I hate that guy and the I'll just give a Nelson-esque "Haw Haw".

He did carrie Underwood? Nicccce!

Screaming Viking said...

Yeah, rumour has it they are dating. But you can bet with her career soaring and him being a goat, she will dump his ass for MAtthew McConahay and write a song about it.

Pamer said...

The Fall of the Romo Empire, part II.

"Et tu Matthew?"