Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kobe strikes back

Kobe Bryant was suspended one game without pay by the NBA on Tuesday. Bryant was penalized for striking San Antonio's Manu Ginobili in the face late in the Lakers' loss to the Spurs on Sunday.

When I see a story involving Kobe and someone getting hit in the face, I usually picture it unfolding like this: Kobe walks into a dimly lit Martini Bar, slips his wedding ring into his jeans pocket. He winks at the bartender and randomly throws some gun salutes to the patrons. He orders an appletini and eyes down the ivory beauty sitting a few stools over. He slides next to her and drops the line ‘Hey, I’m Kobe. I scored 81 points in a game, can I buy you a drink?’ To which she replies ‘Aren’t you married?’ followed by a backhand to his yapper. To end his night Kobe slinks over to the jewelry store, picks up some bling, and heads on home to his wife for some lovin’.


Pamer said...

Appletini?!?! LOL

The new Zima = appletinis. Kobe is such a tool LOL

Strawman said...

Oh fuck yeah, its what brothers who can afford not to drink Colt 45 are suckin' back these days.

btw, your bengals have a week left to go a perfect 10-0 on the nfl season... do you think they'll pull it off in time?

Pamer said...

10-0 would be great!!!

They need a big Super Bowl bash and burn the hotel room down or something...arrest about 20 of them. LOL

Actually I think Henry is due for another bender