Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Strahan confronts ex-wife, goes nuts

New Jersey police were called to the home of Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Jean one day after the Giant’s football star lost a $15million divorce settlement. Apparently Strahan showed up at her house on Sunday night to drop off the kids as part of their joint custody agreement. His ex-wife’s “live-in carpenter” was waiting at the end of the driveway to take the children, but Strahan refused to hand over the kids and began screaming, “If Jean’s not here in five minutes, there’s gonna be trouble.” After waiting to no avail for Jean’s arrival Strahan violated their custody agreement by getting out of his car to argue further with the carpenter. He eventually left the kids with the carpenter and drove off, but came back to the house after driving once around the block. The cops were called and police questioned Strahan for over an hour before letting him go.

I’m guessing Michael Strahan is pretty pissed about having lost 70% of his estate to his ex-wife. And I can only imagine the further humiliation of having to hand off your kids to some “live-in carpenter”. Especially when “carpenter” is just some lame code for “dude who’s nailing her.”

I’m getting a strange feeling of déjà vu here. Are we destined to see Tiki Barber driving an SUV down the New Jersey Turnpike with a delusional Michael Strahan in the back seat and a fleet of state troopers in tow? Cause the parallels to that little incident involving the Juice are astounding. It’s probably too late to prevent Jean Strahan from meeting her fate, but I’ve got some advice for the carpenter-if she ever calls asking you to return her glasses, send them by FedEx.


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Screaming Viking said...

You can't blame the guy. If I showed up to drop my kids off to the guy who was fucking my hot ex wife who just took me for 15mill, i would have beat his ass bad.

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