Friday, January 26, 2007

Yale Tennis team hates balls

During dinner last fall, members of the Yale Mens Tennis team, wearing women's underwear and fishnet stockings posed as members of a fraternity and entered several residential college dining halls, where they sang and danced on tabletops, Yale students reported. The witnesses said the team's initiates had signs on their backs that read, "I'm a faggot. Insert Here." Word of this incident hitting the public now.

When you think Yale, you think the cream of the crop; possibly a presidential candidate? It makes you worry about our society when this is the best our so-called future leaders can come up with for initiation. With it being Yale and all, I would have expected an ingenious prank like actually changing the players DNA so they REALLY did have a craving for cock. And if they could do that, you can bet I would have had my girlfriend on the first train there!

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