Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Media Day

Today is Media day at the Superbowl and due to our limited budget, Throwing Smoke is unable to attend. But I guess it works out for the best as Miami hookers are charging triple this week unless you claim to be Tank Johnson and show up with a loaded weapon.

So just to feed your curiosities here are the questions we would have asked:

To Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy – Congrats on being the first 2 black coaches in the Superbowl. That is the first we heard about this story as it it isn’t getting a lot of media coverage. Anyways, why is the league so racist on Mexicans? I mean I do not see any illegal Mexican Immigrants coaching in the NFL?

Jeff Saturday (Colts OL) – Your last name was great when you played in college, why didn’t you change it to Jeff Sunday when you turned pro?

Brian Urlacher – At what age did you have your neck surgically removed and your head attached directly to your shoulders?

Rex Grossman – What is more likely for you on Sunday? 4 lost fumbles or 2 interceptions returned for TD’s?

Jim Sorgi (Colts back-up QB) - Did you bother bringing your equipment?

Brad Maynard (Bears Punter) - If you were not starting in the Superbowl would you stab the guy who was?

Peyton Manning – Have you found it easier to throw a football this week without the monkey on your back?

Marvin Harrison - Would you rather be caught in bed with a fat but legal Miami hooker or a fine illegal Cuban one?

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