Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Strahan is AWOL

On the fourth day of his holdout, seven-time Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Strahan made contact with the New York Giants and was told he would be welcomed back although the team is proceeding as if he is retiring. Coach Tom Coughlin and general manager Jerry Reese confirmed Tuesday that they had lengthy conversations with the 35-year-old Strahan late Monday afternoon and evening. Neither Coughlin nor Reese gave many details of their talks with Strahan. Both felt the 14-year veteran had a lot to consider but that he needed to make a decision on retirement soon. They were happy that Strahan had at least found time to talk to them.

There is no time frame for right now," Reese said Tuesday after practice at the University at Albany. "He could be here tomorrow. He could be here whenever. Who knows? I don't know if he is coming. He didn't commit to say that 'I am coming.' He didn't say: 'I wasn't coming."'

Reese declined to say whether Strahan asked to renegotiate his contract, which will play him $4 million this season. However, the general manager said there are repercussions for missing training camp, an indication the Giants are continuing to fine Strahan $14,288 for each day of camp that he misses. Tuesday marked the fifth day of the holdout.

Strahan's life is turning into an episode of Dr. Phil. His wife took 70% of his wealth and is using it to bang her live in carpenter renovate her new pad, and on top of it, his career is basically over. Let's pray that he isn't homies with Tank Johnson, or the next time the cops find one of his illegal firearm's it will be in Strahan's mouth.

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