Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beckham helps the Galaxy still suck

David Beckham made his first Major League Soccer start, drawing a crowd of 66,237 and helped set up three goals as Los Angeles lost a 5-4 to New York on Saturday night. Beckham played his first full game since joining the Galaxy last month and did it on artificial turf, no less. An injured left ankle had caused the 32-year-old midfielder to miss five games and come in as a late sub in two others.

Giants Stadium is nearly empty for most Red Bulls' games _ the team's average of 11,573 for its first 10 home matches was next to last in the league. The crowd that came out for Beckham was the largest in franchise history and the largest there for a U.S. league game since the Cosmos drew 70,312 against Fort Lauderdale on June 22, 1980. "It makes you feel great. It makes you feel honored," Beckham said. "And hopefully, it continues, because this is what this league needs, this is what this sport needs in America."

What this league really needs is a defibrillator. They might as well not even bother playing the games. And replace them with a Beckham skills exhibition and a Spice Girls concert. And even then I'd only start paying attention if they left Scary Spice at home.

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