Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Goldman scores a victory against The Juice

The Goldman’s are set to finally cash in on their $38 million wrongful death judgment against The Juice. A federal bankruptcy judge has awarded the rights of O.J. Simpson's canceled "If I Did It" book to the Goldmans.

Patriarch Fred Goldman choked back tears outside the courtroom and said he intends to release the book as a measure of justice to portray Simpson as "a wife-beater, as a murderer, written in his own words. After 13 years of trying to get some justice, today is probably the first time we had any sense of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.''

The book wound up in a Miami court after a corporation headed by Simpson's eldest daughter, Arnelle, filed for bankruptcy shortly after a judge in California ordered the rights sold to benefit the Goldmans.

Goldman said he has no plans to alter any of the Simpson manuscript, which describes how the slayings might have been committed and discusses at length Simpson's relationship with his ex-wife. But Goldman said the family may add a prologue or other “enhancements” to what was already written.

I know Goldman has been waiting for his payday for over a decade, but exploiting your own son’s murder for financial gain seems a bit morbid. I bet he’s sitting at home right now, twisting his moustache and plotting how he’s going to squeeze The Juice next. He’ll try baiting Simpson by placing a cooked turkey in front of an oncoming train. Only OJ will throw the track switch at the last second and Goldman will wind up flattened. And The Juice? He’ll be free to carve up the white meat.

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Screaming Viking said...

I didn't know Ron Goldman was Rollie Fingers' love child.