Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The rats are fleeing the ship

After a first co-defendant in the Michael Vick dogfighting case struck a deal with the feds, the two others have also turned on Vick and will accept plea deals in exchange for testifying against him. With all co-defendants now agreeing to testify against Vick, he must decide before the end of the week whether to accept his own plea agreement. Legal analysts are saying that, even if Vick accepts a deal, he will be trading in his Falcons jersey for an orange jumpsuit and taking reps in the prison shower.

I can relate to what Mexico is feeling right now, with his posse deserting him and facing jail time. Only my posse is a litter of kittens and they left me because I kicked them every night when I got home from work.


ng chang loves box said...

You can bet his front teeth will be knocked out fast in jail. Time for him to be the bitch.

Anonymous said...

This is fucking great! HAHAHAHA he's going to jail

Check out this link of all the people booing at Vick during his court appearance


Screaming Viking said...

That is crazy loud. He should be lucky they weren't tossing squeaky steaks and flea collars at him.

Chris said...

I think Vick is now trying to reach a plea deal to testify against himself in return for a lighter sentence.