Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elisha done with douchebag

According to sources close to the pair, actress Elisha Cuthbert and NY Ranger forward Sean Avery have called it quits after almost two years together. A friend close to the ex couple says it was Elisha who pulled the plug on the relationship. Although Avery didn't appear to be broken-hearted about the breakup when he was spotted hitting on Elisha’s good friend Paris Hilton in Malibu on Aug. 26. A partygoer tells OK!, “When you asked Sean where Elisha was he shrugged his shoulders and said they had broken up.” But for all his attempts at wooing the recent jailbird, Sean was not able to convince Paris to leave with him, saying she wouldn’t do that to Elisha and walked away.

With Elisha finally coming to her senses, it shows there is a God! The only thing left to make this a truly happy ending, is to see Tie Domi come out of retirement long enough to give that biggot Avery the Ulf Samuelsson treatment.

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