Friday, August 03, 2007

Beck loved coke

Following up a prior story, in which we speculated that Rod Beck didn't die of natural causes, Police found evidence of cocaine and drug paraphernalia at former major league closer's home on the day he died. In a case on the bedroom floor, "four small canisters contained a white powdery residue of suspected cocaine. The larger canister contained a dried paste, commonly used to produce rock cocaine," the report said. They also found a white powdery substance on the roll top desk. Police also found a loaded semiautomatic handgun in a bag containing numerous glass bowl pipes and torch lighters. The medical examiner is awaiting results of toxicology tests to establish a cause of death.

Beck's wife Stacey released a statement about her husband's death. In it, she discussed her husband's addiction to drugs, and said she hoped her family's honesty about the situation would help others dealing with the same problem. "While we we're all deeply saddened by the death of Rodney, he suffered from a debilitating, degenerative brain disease called addiction," she said. "The last three years we have seen this disease progress and destroy the person we knew.

Stacey should be thankful that Beck didn't bring her along to the afterworld. But a lesson can be learned for all of you lost soles; praying at the "Church of Blow" will indeed get you closer to God. And to a herd of maggots.

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Anonymous said...

Rod had a staff infection for years!! M.R.S.A look it up !!
A young boy just died weeks ago from ths deadly infection.