Friday, August 10, 2007

Steinbenner is crazy

A new report paints a disturbing portrait of Yankee owner George Steinbrenner as a befuddled, bloated old man in "dreadful" shape who bears little resemblance to the once-feared Boss. An Ali-esque Steinbrenner repeatedly said, "Great to see ya," to nearly every question, no matter what was being asked by a longtime friend during a recent visit.

I'm shocked," the friend, Tom McEwen, said later. "George doesn't even seem like the same person. I figured he might be in a bad way, but I never expected this. Last month, Post sports columnist Phil Mushnick wrote that, "All reasonable signs indicate that his dementia . . . is now so profound that he is being carefully hidden from public view. His body is bloated; his jawline has slackened into a triple chin; his skin looks as if a dry-cleaner bag has been stretched over it . . . His features seem frozen in a permanent rictus of careworn disbelief."

Are they sure he didn't have this problem going back to the eighties? How else can you explain him repeatedly saying 'you're hired' to that drunk Billy Martin?

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