Monday, August 27, 2007

NFL players are great role models for students

There was a rash of NCAA football player arrests recently:

Two West Virginia University football players were arrested last week and charged with transferring and receiving stolen property. James Thomas, 18, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Ellis Lankster, 21, of Whistler, Ala., were competing for starting spots and practicing with third-ranked West Virginia's first team.

While Freshman Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen has entered a pretrial diversion program after receiving a misdemeanor citation for transporting alcohol as a minor. Police said Claussen's buddie, the 23-year-old recent ND graduate entered the store and bought two 1.75-liter bottles of vodka, a 200-milliliter bottle of whiskey, and case containing 30 cans of beer. Clausen remained outside the store with another Notre Dame freshman, who was not cited.

South Carolina safety Emanuel Cook was charged with unlawful possession of a pistol. Cook and a buddy were arrested by university police Thursday night at a parking lot near campus dormitories.

Finally, Arkansas defensive end Marcus Harrison was suspended indefinitely after being arrested late Friday night on a felony drug charge and several misdemeanors. A Fayetteville police report says the officer on duty reported a strong smell of marijuana coming from Harrison's car when he rolled his window down and found a small plastic bag containing one blue Ecstasy pill in his possession.

Although getting a rap sheet before your NFL draft day was the 'in thing' a few years ago, in today's game, it is career suicide. Goodell's uptopia league is filled with choir boys and Uncle Toms; so any arrest, no matter how minor will have you on his shit list. This is the same type of list Marge Schott made back in the 80's. Only these players aren't yet worth $1,000,000.

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