Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quinn signs

Douchebag Brady Quinn has agreed to a five-year contact with the Cleveland Browns worth $20.2 million, with $7.75 million guaranteed, ending his holdout. The deal could grow to $30 million over five years with incentives. The quarterback signed a five-year contract Tuesday night with the Cleveland Browns, ending an 11-day holdout. Quinn likely has lost his chance to open the season as the Browns' starter but, given the continuing uncertainty at the position, could still challenge for playing time as the year progresses, particularly if the Cleveland offense sputters.

With these negotiations dragging on and on, the Cleveland Browns had to have been more pissed off with Quinn and his agent every hour. To get even, when the Browns send the private jet to pick him up for the press conference, they should wait until he is 30,000 feet before telling him that the plane was worked on by Jim Kelly's mechanics.

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