Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vick charged... again?

If facing federal charges relating to an alleged dogfighting operation weren't enough, the Falcons (soon to be former) quarterback was cited for not wearing a seat belt during a traffic stop last week.

Police said than an SUV driven by an acquaintance of Vick was stopped because the tint on the windows was too dark. Vick, who was a front seat passenger in the Acura, was given a citation for not wearing a seat belt. Vick's violation carries a fine of $50, but does not require a court appearance.

I'm pretty sure this reckless action is a violation of his playing contract. But considering his good behaviour of late, the Falcons will probably let this one slide. The next time I see Vick and his buddy's SUV on the news it had better be live video of Al Cowlings and Ron Mexico making a run for the border.

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