Monday, August 13, 2007

Pacman enters the squared circle

Pacman made his TNA 'wrestling' debut on Sunday, which was in-line with the Titan's court order against him. Surrounded by fake cops, not a finger was laid on Jones on-camera Sunday at the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling event, but several were awfully close. A wrestler rushed the stage after jawing with Jones, but four actors with police clothing tackled him just out of reach. Minutes later, the studio television screens flashed to Jones backstage, lying on the ground after being purportedly attacked.

The Tennessee Titans got a court order prohibiting Jones from participating in any wrestling activity after he promised in a taped segment Thursday on TNA's weekly Spike TV show to appear. Jones, the team and TNA reached an agreement Friday allowing him to perform -- under extensive stipulation. He could not touch or be touched, grapple, shove, throw or have anything thrown at him by anyone working for or watching the show.

You can't blame the Titans for wanting to protect their asset even if he won't be in the double blue for at least a year. But for a $29.99 pay per view I want to see more than Pacman just standing in the ring jawing at half naked men. Nothing would say action more than Jones doing his best light's out Owen Hart submission move. You know, the one where he is lowered from the ceiling by Goodell only to see his safety harness release half way down.


Brock Landers said...

I didn't get a chance to see it. Did he have some ridiculous name? I hope it was like Poopy Pac or something.

Screaming Viking said...

Hahaha..Pacman isn't gay enough?