Thursday, August 30, 2007

Henry looking for double digits

Denver Bronco's running back Travis Henry has been ordered by a judge to pay child support for children he has fathered. Henry, 28, has fathered nine children by nine women in at least four Southern states. Henry isn't the most thrifty guy, according to court records, so the judge wants to ensure payment by establishing an unusual $250,000 trust that Henry must fund by next spring.

His Lawyer said Henry wants to be a good parent. "I know these are a lot of kids, and there might be some questions about it," he said, "but he's a really committed father."

Looks like Shawn Kemp's in danger of losing his record, so he had better start looking at a comeback. With Reggie Miller turning down the Celtics offer to return, the door is wide open for Kemp. Although unlike Miller who can offer Boston legitimate 3 outside shooting, all Kemp could offer is 3 more illegitimate bastards.

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