Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Griffin hit by freight train (literally)

When you are on vacation, you miss some stories. But in case you didn't hear, troubled NBA player Eddie Griffin, who was cut my Minnesota last March, was killed Aug. 17 when he drove his sport utility vehicle around a flashing gate at a railroad crossing and crashed into a passing freight train. The SUV burst into flames and Griffin's body was burned beyond recognition. Authorities finally identified Griffin through dental records.

Griffin had a history of abusing his baby's momma as well as abusing the bottle. Toxicology reports are still pending, but those who know Griffin are assuming the worst -- that he went on one final drinking binge before the fatal drive.

It's easy to not notice a hurtling freight train when your passenger is "Debbie does Dallas." And your pants are around your ankles tangled up in the gas pedals.

These ghetto kids make this blog so easy to write sometimes.

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