Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bonds makes history (finally)

Last night, Barry Bonds hit home-run #756 to the deepest part of the park to break Hank Aaron's storied record with one out in the fifth inning, hitting a full-count, 84 mph pitch from Washington's Mike Bacsik. With a long, satisfied stare, he watched his 435 foot shot sail over the fence and disappear into the scrum in the first few rows. Then he raised both arms over his head like a victorious prize fighter, fists clenched, and took off. Matt Murphy was the lucky dude to haul the record-breaking shot.

''Thank you very much. I got to thank all of you, all the fans here in San Francisco. It's been fantastic,'' Bonds said shortly after crossing home plate, his godfather, Willie Mays, at his side.

Big deal, he hit his 756th dinger. Wilt Chamberlain hit that many homers during his rookie year and without performance enhancing drugs.


Strawman said...

It would have been funny if the guy that caught the ball threw it back onto the field.

I can't decide who I'll hate more as the all-time home run champ: Bonds or ARod.

ng chang loves box said...

why did ppl never complain when Ruth had the record. Dude only faced white pitching. Half the guys were segregated in the Negro leagues.
There is always something to bitch about.

Chris said...

Forever the people will be able to see how Bonds uses his son as a prop for his celebration. As his son hugs him, he turns away and ignores his family so that the applause of the homers of SF can wash over him. At least Big Mac hugged his kid back ( and didn't crush him in an andro surge!)