Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Slave horse is nameless

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that a filly can't be named "Sally Hemings" after Thomas Jefferson's most famous slave and reputed lover. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled that the Jockey Club can legally bar horse owner Garrett Redmond from naming his 4-year-old horse after Hemings. The Jockey Club is a private organization designated by Kentucky to track and approve names of race horses. Without an approved name, a horse cannot race at a Kentucky track.

Judge Alice Batchelder, writing for the three-judge panel, said Redmond has other options that may be approved by the Jockey Club, which forbids horse owners from using names of famous or notorious people without special permission. The club's rules also say that "names considered in poor taste; or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups" won't be approved.

Honestly, I couldn't think of a better name for the horse. You have to figure both of them were living in barns, being fed hay, and whipped to work faster. Not to mention that when your working days are done, you're put to stud for the rich white man. The Jockey Club is way out of line. It's not like the dude tried to name his horse 'Hitler Hates Jews.'

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