Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday To Us!!!!!!!

Throwing Smoke is 1 year old! We would love to thank all of our faithful readers. Without the increased support you all have given us over the past 5 months, we wouldn't still be around a year later.
Below, we will highlight some of our most popular posts as well as our own personal favourites.

Most viewed posts:

1. Brazillian soccer hottie Ana Paula Oliveira Playboy Pictures
2. Alex Rodriguez and his cheating ways
3. Amanda Beard's Playboy pictures
4. Allison Stokke looking smoking hot
5. Michael Vick sponsorship issues
6. Shaq's Big Challenge

Our favourite posts:

- FloJo snubbed!
- Bulgarian soccer player loves box
- Maradona is a fat pig
- John Amaechi comes out
- Utah Jazz rape fiasco
- GSK Phoenix of the Sussex soccer prank
- More trouble for Tyson
- Isiah loses his court case
- Paul Tracy can't drive

We hope all of you all have enjoyed reading the blog. We will see how long it will continue!


ng chang loves box said...

Great job guys! Can't wait for your rude takes in year 2!

Anonymous said...

Awesome site you guys. Keep up the good work at keepin it real!

Chris said...