Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NFL sued over Pacman

Mere weeks after claiming he’s earned the right to be re-instated to the NFL, Pacman Jones, the Tennessee Titans, and the NFL have been slapped with a civil suit by the bouncer who was paralyzed after the strip club melee involving Jones.

The bouncer told reporters he holds the NFL responsible for his injuries because he believed they ignored Jones' previous run-ins with police. “If Jones had been disciplined earlier, more likely than not, he would not have been invited as NFL player Pacman Jones to the club.”

The NFL and the Titans said they would fight the lawsuit. “We strongly disagree with any claims against the NFL and the Titans and will respond appropriately to the court," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said. State law protects employers from injury caused by an employee's intentional conduct if the employee is on his own time.

I’m still amazed that no one has figured out who actually shot up the club that night. We know Pacman didn’t do it, but we all know he knows who did it. So why don’t they just cut to the chase and drag him down to Guantanamo Bay and beat the information out of him?

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