Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Morrison cut down

Charlotte Bobcats forward Adam Morrison, an All-American during his career at Gonzaga, is likely done for the season after an MRI exam Sunday revealed a torn ligament in his left knee. The injury occurred in the third quarter of Saturday night's 113-93 exhibition loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. Morrison was trying to defend Luke Walton on a drive to the basket and fell to the floor in pain.

"Our medical staff has had a chance to review the MRI, and they're saying right now they believe there is some sort of tear," Bobcats coach Sam Vincent, a former Sonics player, said Sunday. "Until they get in there and do whatever they do, who knows? But they are saying there's a good chance he will be out for the year. So I'm not counting on him playing."

Morrison's image may have been cute and scored the ladies in college, but he is a pro now. How's he going to explain to his teammates that this injury was caused by his moustache? You can't really expect to bring a big time game when you sport a half-waxed Chihuahua on your upper lip. He may have ended up dead, but at least the stuff Len Bias had under his nose earned him some respect.

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ng chang loves box said...

I want to donkey punch this fucker