Friday, October 12, 2007

Bush was paid during college

Sports marketer, Lloyd Lake, will give NCAA investigators financial records and other evidence linking Reggie Bush and his family to nearly US$280,000 in benefits, while he was enrolled at the University of Southern California, according to a report Wednesday.

Yahoo! Sports reported it had acquired confidential e-mails from officers of New Era Sports & Entertainment, that show the agency soliciting marketing and memorabilia deals on the running back's behalf, Yahoo! Sports reported. Both Yahoo! Sports and the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that Lake is expected to file a civil lawsuit in San Diego against Bush later this month, seeking to recoup money allegedly given to Bush and his family.

If Bush is found to have received improper benefits, USC could be forced to forfeit games. The school could face other sanctions if it's proven that coaches knew or should have known about the alleged benefits. Also, if Bush is found to have broken NCAA rules during his Heisman-winning season, the award could be revoked.

I don't care how great it is, $280,000 is an awful lot of bling to cough up in the hopes of scoring Bush. Granted it's still a lot less than the $19,000,000 it cost Denny Neagle.


sam said...

Hi Viking, Reggie probably could pay that back in cash out of his wallet

reggie bush in in trouble

Screaming Viking said...

True dat, but it will look a little more empty when his heisman is gone.