Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gators bitten again

A walk-on defensive back for the Florida Gators was killed last week when him and a passenger were riding a motorcycle as it struck a median near campus. Michael Guilford, a 19-year-old redshirt freshman from Quincy, was not wearing a helmet. Neither was passenger Ashley Slonina, a Florida junior from Lynn Haven who also died in the crash.

When Slonina told Guilford he was going to get head that night I bet he never thought it would be courtesy of the pavement. This is quite the surprise though. With all of the Gators having run-ins with the law recently, I would have thought the first one of the year would have been killed holding up a liquor store.


B lindsey said...

What an idiot you must be!!!!!
Two young people lost their lives. What is wrong with you ???
I watched Ashley grow up. She was a wonderful loving person. She didn't deserve the comment that you made against her character.
You really must be a very sad ignorant person to slander the deceased. You really need to post an apology.

Anonymous said...

You know you must be one cold hearted son of a bitch to have written something so horrible about someone so beautiful inside and out. Ashley was one of the most greatest people i have every meet in my life she never judged nor hated on anyone she came across, for you to slander someone who is gone is really rotten of you. and you will pay for this if not now, in the future. instead of slandering her soul why dont you relize it could have been you. how would you like if you had been on that motorcycle and someone can write something so horrible about you to the point where friends and family can see it, how much more pain do you want someone to go threw that we havent already. the lost of ashley has impacted panama city so hard, and many friends in gainsville. Your a bitch and you will rot hell. you are disgusting to me and i have no respect for you.if you have anything thing to say to me please do email me...

Anonymous said...

hey you sick fuck they were just friends. you're just fuckin jealous that you couldnt be friends with someone as awesome as ashley slonina. i didnt know michael but im sure he was awesome too. it wasnt anything never wouldve been. so fuck you for your sick fuckin thoughts and i hope nothing ever happens to you or your loved ones like that because if it does its gonna fuckin burn you bad u piece of shit. and another thing you better hope that no one finds out your exact fuckin name because you'd be paid a visit by a lot of unhappy people that LOVED ashley with all their hearts. so FUCK YOU you fuckin lowlife i hope everything you have falls to shit. u got something to say...comment back bastard.