Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yankees done

The Cleveland Indians eliminated the New York Yankees from the post season play with a 6-4 win last night in Yankee Stadium. Cleveland moves on to its first ALCS since 1998, opening Friday night at Boston.

Joe Torre may be on the hot seat. Although he managed the Yankees to four World Series titles in his first five years and reached the playoffs in all 12 of his seasons, it still might not be enough for Steinbrenner; who is notoriously impatient that his team of multimillionaires has lost 13 of its last 17 postseason games and gone seven years in a row with no championship.

In Joe's defence, what is the poor bastard to do in the post season when his GM gives him a roster filled with shotty middle relief to go along with players who don't play when their regular season paycheques cease. Trying to perform with deadwood is like asking Rafael Palmeiro to show up for a porn shoot without his little blue pill.

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Brock Landers said...

Please hire Bobby Valentine. I'd laugh my ass off.