Monday, October 22, 2007

Stern doesn't get it

According to a published report, the NBA has disciplined six referees for violating it's anti-gambling rules. Sources told The New York Daily News that the six officials, whose names have not been identified, were found in violation of the league's anti-gambling policy for such infractions as going to casinos. The information came to light as a result of the NBA's investigation into its officials after the Donaghy scandal broke this summer. "Nobody's getting suspended," the source told the paper. "They were reprimanded and punished, but nobody lost their job." "There were some violations," Stern told The New York Daily News, referring to the six. "But they are not hanging crimes."

With the NBA in shambles right now, and more refs breaking league policy, why isn't the league coming down hard on these guys? Rules are rules, yo. No wonder their players are running out of control. This sends the wrong message, like letting Shawn Kemp loose at a sex addicts meeting with a get out of child support free card.

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