Sunday, October 07, 2007

Throwing Smoke Flashback - Steve Bartman

On Friday, we saw a kid in Boston, Danny Vinik, reaching over the temporary photographers' box in front of the stands to catch a foul ball. His snag kept Los Angeles Angels catcher Jeff Mathis from catching Manny Ramirez's foul pop on Friday night; and ultimataly leading to Ramirez drawing a walk to load the bases before Mike Lowell's sacrifice fly tied the game, which the BoSox went on to win.

Seeing this kid praised, how can we forget how fans and foulballs can go horribly wrong. You can't watch the Cubs playing playoff baseball without thinking of the infamous name 'Steve Bartman.'

Yeah, it is a tiny picture, but the best we could find.

The poor bastard is lucky to still be alive. Here is the video of him being escorted out of the stadium.

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