Friday, October 12, 2007

NFL head office hates booty

On Inside the NFL Charlie Casserly reported that last week that the NFL sent a memo to all 32 teams informing them home teams can no longer torture the visitors with their smoking hot cheerleaders.

Said Casserly: No longer will [the cheerleaders] be allowed to warm up in front of the visiting team locker room or do their stretching in front of the visiting team locker room and they can't go in the tunnel! The reason? Some players feel they were being a little distracted.

This officially marks the day the NFL got out of control with their rules. Nothing says football like half naked dancing chicks and TD celebrations. Even a Panda bear would agree these are fastly becoming extinct. By week 8, expect the team logo on the 50 yard line to be replaced with Goodell's face. And before the games, instead of the national anthem, all fans will be forced to bow down to his image for a chorus of Sieg Heils.

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