Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vick gives up on Falcons

It would seem that Michael Vick has accepted the fact he won’t ever return to the Falcons and has therefore put his $4.5M Georgia mansion up for sale. The European-style home features a white, stucco exterior, Cathedral ceilings, eight bedrooms, 8½ baths, two fireplaces, hardwood floors, a two-story foyer and a garage for at least four cars. The home was built in 2004.

Who’s going to be crazy enough to buy Vick’s place? I’ve read enough Stephen King to know that moving into a pet cemetery is a pretty bad idea. Especially one that features pit bulls who were tortured to death. There’s probably so many dead animals buried there I wouldn’t be surprised if the carcass of Bear great Walter Payton turned up.

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