Friday, October 19, 2007

Baylor coach pissed off

Eric Schnupp, Baylor's assistant football coach, was cited by police for urinating on the bar at a tavern. He was suspended indefinitely by the school on Tuesday. The incident happened around closing time when Schnupp apparently thought no one was watching him as employees were moving patrons out of the building. Apparently an employee witnessed Schnupp urinating on the bar, and a manager told police officers who were there for an unrelated matter. Schnupp had taken several shots of hard liquor prior to the incident.

What a lame way for a varsity coach to lose his job. If that were me getting fired, you could be damn sure I would be going out in style. And by style, I mean seeing my bare ass on a webcam pounding some freshman slut after I told her it would get her a cheerleading scholarship.

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