Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OJ feels Vick's pain

Two co-defendants in the O.J. Simpson armed robbery case have struck deals with prosecutors to plead guilty and provide testimony against The Juice. Charles Cashmore and Walter Alexander both participated in the committing of the crime and some witnesses are claiming that Alexander had a gun.

Cashmore’s lawyer said that his client met Simpson and most of the others in the group for the first time minutes before the alleged robbery. "O.J. says, 'Hey I've got to move some stuff, can you help?' “, the lawyer said. “I think he wishes he would have never met O.J."

I know a Brentwood couple who also wish they never met OJ.

Really, how blind to reality do you have to be to agree to participate in a crime with The Juice? Even Orlando Brown would have seen this one coming. OJ’s no criminal mastermind, there’s no way he would have gotten away with another felony. He should have left the table after his lucky hand of four Jewish lawyers and the race card.

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