Thursday, October 11, 2007

Owens leaves a note this time

After practice Wednesday, Terrell Owens was no where to be found when reporters came calling. What they did find was the following nearly poster-sized, typewritten note:

"Dear Reporters,
"Due to the magnitude of this week's game and high volume of questions for the Original 81 about the other 81. I will be taking all questions immediately following Sunday's game.
"Sincerely, (followed by Owens' signature)
"p.s. Getcha Popcorn Ready."

The 'Other 81' is referring to the Patriots stud receiver Randy Moss.

But just like you, I was equally as disappointed when I read the message Owens left behind. Ever since last year's pill overdose fiasco, the only note involving T.O. that I want to read is of the suicide variety.