Monday, March 05, 2007

Jazz players cleared of rape

I have no idea how this stayed quiet for so long, but word has emerged that four Utah Jazz basketball players were accused of raping a stripper in Portland last October. None of the players involved, Dee Brown, Deron Williams, Ronnie Brewer and Paul Milsap, will be criminally charged because the accuser is not able to positively identify which two of the players actually raped her. All four players deny having raped the woman.

Apparently the four players picked up the stripper at a nuddie bar and brought her back to their hotel in a taxi. According to the cab driver’s statement, the stripper had expressed an interest in having sex with two of the players at the same time, so they had the cabbie stop at a convenience store so Brewer could grab a pack of domes (Shawn Kemp, are you paying attention?).

Front desk staff told police that when the four players arrived at the hotel they had to spend some time trying to convince the woman to actually come up to their room. She eventually relented, but appeared 40 minutes later back in the lobby stark naked and crying. She appeared to be extremely intoxicated and was screaming that she had been raped.

Deron Williams said he was initially in the room with the woman, but left not long afterward. “Williams stated he observed [the woman] becoming upset and crying, stating she had been raped three times before and did not want to be raped again,” according to a police memo. “Williams said [she] was crying even though no one had touched her.” Ronnie Brewer stated he decided not to have sexual intercourse with [her] because she was too drunk and acting strangely.” The players agreed among them that no one would have sex with her, in part because of her saying she had been raped in the past.

As far as I’m concerned this one’s a toss-up. It’s the word of a stripper versus the word of four NBA thugs. I’m not buying the fact that these guys didn’t have gang sex with the whore, cause what else is gonna happen if you lock four brothers in a room with a drunk naked stripper? The only issue is whether this skank was looking to con these guys out of some hush money or if they actually gang raped her. The fact that she was naked and hysterical in the lobby has no bearing on the case. You’d be freaking hysterical too after taking four huge black cocks in the span of 40 minutes.

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justme said...

Fuck you for you accusations when you have no clue for what really happended. I am 'that stripper". I am not a whore or a skank. Just because Im a dancer does not make me any of the things you called me and how dare you be so cruel.