Friday, October 05, 2007

Bell speaks about Bonds some more

In the NY Daily news, Kimberly Bell is speaking more about her time banging Barry Bonds. All this is of course to promote her upcoming Playboy appearance.

Bell states that while Barry's body had grown thicker, his back was pocked with acne, his hair had fallen out and his testicles had shriveled he kept asking her if she thought anyone would suspect he was on the juice. "Do I look bloated?" Bonds wanted to know. "Does it look funny? Do you think this is obvious?"

Bells other comments include:

On Bonds in the sack: "When you're dealing with somebody who's that selfish, with that kind of ego, you learn to exaggerate your reactions to make him feel better."

On Barry's mood: "I always figured he had PMS, like a woman." He became a different person, controlling, threatening and finally violent.

She also said that the controversial slugger did not lavish her with gifts or pay her bills. She lived in a studio apartment for the first eight years of their relationship. He did buy her a home in Scottsdale, Ariz., near the end of their relationship, and gave her tens of thousands of dollars for the house. But he stopped making house payments as promised.

Even though she did the home run champion, don't count on me going to buy this magazine. When I want to see aging box, I just have to aim my binoculars at the retirement home across the street during their sponge baths.

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