Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mitchell report will expose

It was reported that some officials of the 30-team Major League Baseball conference call held mid-day Friday with the understanding that Senator George Mitchell's report would include many names; names which have so far not been disclosed publicly; and the names of well-known players. Said one source familiar with what was said on the conference call, "This is going to be enormous ... it's going to be a huge story when these names come out." The Mitchell report is due for release sometime between the conclusion of the World Series and the beginning of the new year.

MLB roid users are going to be exposed more than Byron Houston at the height of a bipolar fit. So Canseco better get his second book into print fast before Mitchell steals his thunder. And I hope we don't see David Eckstein's name on that list. It would crush my childhood dreams to find out that his 30 career jacks were a result of him juicing.

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