Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Henry staring at strike #3

Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry wants to submit a hair sample and also take a lie detector test to prove that a league administered drug test gave a false positive that could lead to a year-long suspension, sources close to the Broncos and the player told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Henry, 28, signed a five-year, $22.5 million contract with the Broncos in March, only days after the Tennessee Titans released him to avoid paying an $8 million roster bonus that he was due early in the month. The contract with the Broncos includes language that stipulates Henry must repay a $6 million signing bonus, or whatever portion of it he has been paid, if he is suspended for drugs at any time during the term of the deal.

Henry has been adamant that he has been clean and he has filed a lawsuit in a New York state court to prevent the league from suspending him as a three-time violator of league's drug policy.

Henry has to keep on playing for society's sake. With all of the roadgame bimbos on his payroll for his harem of bastard kids, the welfare system can't handle the expense if he defaults on his support payments. The last thing the world needs is more baby's momma's go without their botox to have more hungry children.

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