Friday, December 08, 2006

Griffin gets freaky

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Eddie Griffin pleaded guilty this week to a misdemeanor charge for inattentive driving. This alone wouldn’t merit mention on Throwing Smoke as NBA players are being arrested all the time for things like driving violations or killing people. In Minneapolis they are reporting a bizarre set of circumstances surrounding his arrest. There is surveillance tape which shows Griffin’s pimped-out Cadillac Escalade smashing into a parked SUV. A half-naked Griffin exited his vehicle, staggered around, and claimed repeatedly to witnesses that he was drunk. One witness claims that the intoxicated Griffin told him that the reason for the accident was because he was masturbating to pornography on his dashboard DVD player.

What is the world coming to? It used to be that when a brother had urges he would head down to the Gold Club for a little action. This is a new all-time low for the NBA. Almost as low as my buddy who had anal sex last night with the office supervisor of his live-in girlfriend. Between him and Griffin humanity has taken a huge step backwards today.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that was low of your buddy to do that......anal is anal, take it where you can get it.

Screaming Viking said...

i think box is box, but anal isn't anal unless you are bi-sexual.

Screaming Viking said...

p.s. yo